What I learned from not traveling

Edinburgh, Scotland, 2019 — picture taken by yours truly

To be more present

Looking back, there were two year period when I was neither here nor there. My job required me to fly out on Monday mornings and go back Thursday evening, hotel staffs knew me by name. It was my escape and my reason not to spend more time with people. I was always rushing through things, always restless, my soul was never completely in one place.

To make the best out of what I have

You only need an hour (more or less) to go from the most western part to the most eastern part of Singapore by car. This small plot of land is where I was confined for the last two years. Pre-pandemic, I was always looking forward to traveling overseas, South Korea and Hong Kong are my top two destinations for flights less than 10 hours. In 2018, I visited Seoul three times for various reasons and enjoyed it every time.

To be more committed

Not in a love relationship, not yet.



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